Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2005-10-05 (8 photos)

Anybody know what that thing in the canal is? Sorry about the crooked shot—no, the building in the background is not leaning! (SE looking W)

It's our friendly pile of dirt and gravel again. Three differences from 2005-09-02: (1) this one provides wonderful view of the fence, (2) no clouds, (3) the inhabitants are building some sort of hut on the other side.... (SE looking NW)

A fresh pile of dirt on the north side of the east bank. (NE looking W)

Nice dead-on shot of the bridge.

As you can see, they have finished pouring the concrete and have removed the moulds. (NW looking E)

Were you paying attention earlier to the boxes around those pipes? They made nice square holes for them! (NW looking SE)

The building in the background with the sloped roof is "120 University Private". It was built in the seventies, and when you go inside to your professor's office, you feel like you're in a daycare centre. Actually, there is one of those there... (SW looking NE)

No cute caption, here. But it's a nice view of the gravel on the East side. (SW looking E)

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