Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2005-11-14 (5 photos)

Although I probably didn't know it at the time, this was the last batch of photos I took before the end of the season. I probably rode by the site a couple of times in November or December, but didn't see any significant enough change. (SE looking NW)

In uploading these photos, I accidentally discovered the button that lets me add more than one photo at a time...much easier... (SE looking NE)
That cluster of three buildings in the centre are three of the University of Ottawa's residences. From left to right, the "New Res" (newest of the three, but there are newer residences elsewhere on campus), Stanton, and Marchand (no relation).

I think this building is "10 Driveway". The name of the street is "The Driveway".
Ooh! What a nice shot! You can imagine this being finished, and looking up the East approach with Parliament Hill right there in the distance! (SE looking N)

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