Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2004-04-02 (7 photos)

There's honestly not too much in this photo that's changed since the last few batches, other than more yellow things in the middle section. (SW looking NE)

Close(r) up of the centre of the bridge. That building in the middle of the background is 50 Laurier, a recently-build upscale condo building. Despite it being across the street from the university, I doubt that many students live there. However, there's a sumbarine shop of a particularly prevalent chain on the ground floor (accessible from the outside). (SW looking NE)

You can't see much of the bridge in this shot, especially with the pile of snow and/or dirt in the foreground. However, in the background, you can see Parliament Hill, and to its left (though much closer), Lisgar Collegiate Institute, where I went for High School. It looks like a castle. (SW looking N)

Hey, what's that? There's some metal bits going along the yellow things! Looks like they're starting to lay the beginnings of the crossing. That log sticking out of the pile of dirt? I don't know what that's there for. (SW looking NE)

A slightly different view. If you look over the plans laid out by the technical advisory committee, you'll see that they tried their best to keep the trees. I, however, have tried my best to get them out of my shots. (SW looking NE)
Another shot. The white tower in the background is the Unviersity of Ottawa's fourth tower residence building. There are also a number of low-rise residences. But since they're low-rise, you won't be seeing them from the bridge! (SW looking NE)
I noticed that I hadn't taken any photos of the NE staging area from this angle. So I did! Being a Sunday, there wasn't much going on. (W looking NE)

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