Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-04-19 (9 photos)

I hadn't taken photos in a few days, so I decided to take some today. Here's a photo of the big picture; not much difference to be seen. (N looking S)

Here's a shot of the west bank. They've laid a couple more steel girders over the temporary supports, but nothign significant. (NE looking SW)

Here's a shot of the Gaza strip--I mean east bank. If you compare it to earlier shots of the same spot, I think you'll notice that only the sky has changed. (NE looking S)

A view of the east staging area from the east bank. They've got some stuff going on atop the bridge platform. (NE looking SE)

A view of the bridge through the fence on the northeast staging area. I'm not sure what those metal things are at the bottom, but since there are so few of them, I'd presume they aren't all that important. (NE looking SW)

Here's a shot looking through the fence. I think I was paying more attention to the fence than anything beyond it, but this is because I've taken most of the pictures by sticking my camera through or over the fence, so I thought I'd throw this in to remind everyone that it is a closed-off zone. (NE looking SE)

We wouldn't have seen this from the west side: they're building up the wall on the east side of the east bridge approach. I wasn't aware there was going to be masonry going on; quite fancé. (NE looking S)

A closer shot at the masons. Given the price of the bridge, I'm guessing they aren't free. (E looking W)

The truck and trailer for Keystone Masonry, the subcontractor that is presumably building the aforementioned wall. (SE looking SW)

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