Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-04-10 (4 photos)

Although I never really notice much difference, I keep taking photos every few days, always from a different angle than the last time. The hope is that when I bring home the photos and compare them, I can see the differences. The reality is that I don't have time to do this. (W looking NE)

That building on the East side is one of the University of Ottawa's most recent buildings. It was completed just a year or two ago, despite its '60s-era stylings. (W looking E)

One of the reasons I took this photo was I noticed that the gates were wide open. Of course, the building is far more interesting. It a part of the Biosciences complex, and has restricted access. There is a greenhouse on the top of the building that you can just barely make out through the tree. (W looking E)

I spotted a backhoe carrying snow from behind the East approach. At least it was a nice day! (W looking NE)

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