Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-04-21 (6 photos)

Even though I hadn't been posting them, I've still been taking pictures. All photos from April 21 to June 7 were posted on June 10, 2006.

A friend of mine had shown me his construction photos. He's a real photographer, whereas I won't even claim amateur status. I tried to do an artistic effect by having the arc of the bridge mimic the round light. I think I'll stick to creative writing. (S looking N)

The west approach of the bridge... (SE looking W)

The middle of the bridge... (SE looking N)

And the east approach... (SE looking NE)

Pulled back a bit, with some stuff in the foreground. That building in the back is the DND (Department of National Defence) headquarters. After 9/11, they decided to close the access road that goes under it; however, cyclists are still allowed to pass (if they're willing to climb over the curbs). (S looking N)

A view of the East approach from the canal pathway. Note how the sign erroneously calls it "Ottawa University". That is actually the name of a bible college in Kentucky. (SE looking NE)

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