Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-08-03 (7 photos)

Remember all those yellow temporary brackets? They've all been removed and collected into nice tidy blocks! The bridge is now free! (SW looking NE)
And here's what it looks like with the flash on (:P)
This one's a bit more in focus, with the fence out of the way. (SW looking NE)
Here we can see the stairway on the opposite side. (SW looking SE)
And yet another slightly different view. Here we can see the concrete setting (I think there's a tarp over it). (W looking E)
Here are some of the pins which held together the...um...other yellow things. (West approach)
And some more yellow trusses. Note how they're slightly V-shaped. There's a concrete pillar there for a future lightpost. (NW looking E)

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