Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-06-20 (9 photos)

Here is a shot of the bridge from the east side of Colonel By Drive, north of the bridge. (NE looking SW)

Here's a closer shot of the East approach. (NE looking S)

And a closer shot of the workers on the centre of the bridge. (NE looking SW)

Here I was trying to be artistic, or something. Maybe I just wanted to get a closer shot of one of the girders, or maybe I just wanted to point out "hey! I could steal this if I really wanted to!"

Some concrete forms going up for the East approach. (E looking W)

Another view of the East approach, beautifully framing the 'hill. Hey, they've got a truck up there--looks good! (SE looking N)

It wouldn't be a construction project without pink insulation foam, now would it? (SE looking NW)

A view from the southeast bank of the canal. Note the bench--months later, we will find it in pretty much the exact same place. (SE looking NE)

Obviously, this photo was taken when my camera's zoom function still worked. My camera's screws have all long fallen out, and the "menu up/zoom in" button works occasionally, and the "menu down/zoom out" button rarely. (SE looking NW)

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