Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-06-06 (8 photos)

They've laid down new gravel for the East approach. It's almost as though they're going to pave it soon. (SE looking NE)
I suspect that they've suspended (nyuk nyuk) work on the part of the bridge that goes over the canal for the duration of the boating season. (SE looking N)
Why did I take this picture? Can you see him? It's Waldo--he's a surveyor today. (SE looking SW)
The Peace Tower is framed wonderfully between the two completed walls. (SE looking N)
You can just make out the top of the NCC's building between the two walls. If you've ever been on Elgin Street, between Sparks and Queen, you would never guess that there was a 14-storey building right in front of you. (SE looking NW)
Here's a view of yet another staircase on the East side. There's going to be a lot of them, because the East approach has a much lower elevation than the West approach, which is more or less level to the top of the bridge. (SE looking W)
And between the two walls is a third wall which I must have missed this whole time (or, conceivably, they built in the month between the last set of photos and this set). (E looking W)
The North end of the East approach is starting to shape up: cyclists will be able to climb that ladder to get to the bridge platform. (NE looking SW)
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