Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-06-07 (4 photos)

Although I had gone by a few times in May, I didn't take any photos, because there wasn't that much evidence of change. The most I could see here was the stairway, which I had already photographed from the other side. (SW looking NW)
Nevertheless, I valiantly took photos for comparison. This is a view of the East approach from the West side, just south of the new staircase. That concrete column would be just to the right of the above shot. (SW looking E)
It's so tempting, yet so impossible, to ride over this. It would be nice if the University tore down the Vanier building and built something more attractive on the other side of this bridge, but what can you do? (W looking E)
Here's that curved section that they were building the form for earlier. Very well done, I must say. It looks like more stonework will be going up here, by the looks of that lip at ground level. (W side)
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