Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-06-15 (8 photos)

As I came home from lunch on the Western side of the canal, there was a sign of something going on. The sign seemed to say "look closer", or more specifically, "Pedestrians use other sidewalk".

A view of the other sidewalk. As you can see, pedestrians don't much care for signs. Being a cyclist and not a pedestrian, I decided to ignore the sign.

Not sure what I would see, I took an anticipatory shot.

There had, in fact, been some work going on, and the still-soft asphalt (I discovered this as I tried to dismount) was an even better sign....

PROGRESS! Yay! They've actually started to build some stuff on the bridge! It was just five days ago when I postulated they might delay any over-water construction until the end of the water-using season. (W looking E)

Ooh! It looks so funky, almost like train tracks! Ironic, because once the O-Train is built, this will be about the only safe place for cyclists to cross the canal. (W looking E)
I hadn't noticed the finished wall on that side, either. (NW looking NE)
...and a view through the fence. I'll make sure to take pictures more often! (NW looking SE)

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