Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-08-11 (10 photos)

I was going over the Laurier bridge (railing in foreground), and saw this ferry heading under the new bridge. I thought I'd take a photo (although I didn't actually wait for it to get to the bridge). (N looking S)
A view of the bridge and West approach from Somerset street. (W looking E)
The concrete forms for the stairs on the East approach have finally been installed. (W looking E)
...And you can see the forms on the West stairs also in place. (W looking SE)

Note the lamppost on the East approach... (SE looking NE)
A nice picturesque shot of sunset. (SE looking N)
A view of the East approach, and satirs under construction. (SE looking W)
And a nice view with the sun reflecting off the north side of the East approach. (NE looking SW)
Here's a shot of the East approach staging area. (NE looking NW)

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