Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-10-16 (8 photos)

Look on the right, under the railings. There are six pylons which kept me from riding down the ramp. I was really offended by having to carry my bike down the stairs. The offense is primarily because I'm a Canadian (and thus am obligated to take offense), and secondarily because I'm a North American (and thus lazy).
This photo, despite the lens cover not opening properly better conveyed the reddish bushes which were installed.
This guy was operating a roto-tiller type device. On my way back from class, the pylons had been removed.
See that guy, right in the centre of the photo? That, I suspect, was Remi Roy, in preparation for his article in the Ottawa Sun (admittedly, a pretty decent article). I had seen him earlier on my way to class, in which I took the first photo above.
Some pylons, it seems, were relocated to the Canal. Oh, drunken students, what will you do next!
They finished the cobblestone on the centre part of the intersection at Somerset and Queen Elizabeth Drive on the Western Parkway...
...but haven't yet finished the one on the south end of this intersection...
...nor the one on the North end.

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