Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-10-03 (12 photos)

WTF? They painted a line on the bridge! Not cool! >:(
Fine, I'll bite. Where does it go?
Around the corner, past the workers. I kid you not, their discussion pertained to the mortar.
Okay, so the line leads me onto the bridge... and? and?
Oh, it just dumps me onto Somerset street. It's all torn up, too.
Here's the other part of the intersection.
I think that the bridge looked much more beautiful without the line. It was like a place you could go to get away from traffic. Now it looks institutional.
Here are the bollards that they were installing the other day.
They're also installing (installing?) some trees.
Here's another machine at work. That hard gravel looks like a real fun spot to be a tree.
Here are some holes for more trees...
I think they might be planting a Snapple tree in this hole...

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