Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-20 (5 photos)

I can't wait for the bridge to finally be open tomorrow! What a long journey it's been!

Sorry this photo is dark. There was bad weather today. There is a truck right under the light standard, if you can make it out. It was a water tanker that they were using to wash the dirt off of the bridge approaches. (SE looking NW)
Here is a shot of the East approach. Nothing much to say about it, except water from the cleaning at the bottom of the stairs. (SE looking NE)
Here's a better-lit shot of the West approach. (SE looking W)
There was a crew installing pavers under the East approach. It looks nice. There are similar sections of pavers further south on the East side of the canal, where the ramps are installed during the canal's skating season.
The benches have been reinstalled. An interesting note is that you can see the two layers of asphalt on the edge, below the pylon. (looking SE)

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