Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-17 (16 photos)

They have installed the secondary railing. This one juts inward, so (I believe) cyclists' handlebars won't get caught in the vertical ironwork. (W looking E)
Here's a shot of the almost-completed railing on the West side. One curiosity I noticed was that the railing on the far side is intentionally broken. I wonder if they're planning on putting a kiosk or something there down the road... (W looking SW)
Here you can see the East side... (SW looking SE)
Here's the underside, but wait... the pathway going under the East side of the bridge has been opened back up! (SW looking NE)
Here's a closeup shot of the railing on the West approach. Notice how the chrome one has been tacked, but not yet welded or smoothed yet.
There are some tubes for railings, just on the other side of the West approach fence.
Ach! More graffiti! I'm too busy to edit over it this time, although I'm currently on a computer with Photoshop installed. (W looking NE)
Here's another pipe heading North from the West approach. (W looking NW)
This gentleman was the second person I saw to disregard the signs and pass through the gate. Incidentally, all three of the guys who went through while I was here today were white men wearing black t-shirts. (NW looking SE)
Those straight bars a few photos up will be bent to make the railing here. Also notice how they formed the asphalt where it meets up with the concrete. (W looking SW)
This is another guy in the centre of the shot. I was lucky because I was holding the camera inconspicuously while taking this photo. (SW looking NE)
I used some wire hanging around to tie up the fences a bit better, and took a shot of it. The sign clearly prohibits trespassing by anglophones. (W looking E)
After getting the fence a little tied up, I took another shot of the pipes. These ones are on the south side of the West approach.
Here's a closeup of the curb and lightpost that is just to the right of the above shot.
I didn't get a good shot of him, but this guy came along after I tied up the fence. I wanted to know how he would handle it, since he clearly wouldn't turnaround. He ended up jumping the railing. Again, the camera is crooked because I took the photo inconspicuously. (SW looking NE)

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