Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-11 (14 photos)

I took a lot of photos today, in two different sets (one at 14:50 and one at 16:25). Here's a big-picture shot coming from the Laurier Bridge on the East side. (N looking S)
Here's a shot of the East approach elbow under construction. Notice how the end of the rail isn't yet complete. (NE looking SW)
Here's a shot of the east approach upper ramp. The railing has been partially installed. (E looking SW)
There's a shot (admittedyl a bad one with the sun and all) of the East ramp. Note how the asphalt has been moulded where it meets the concrete. (E looking W)
Here's the bottom of the East approach ramp. (E looking SE)
A little surprise for cyclsits, though well signed. More of a hassle if you're on inline skates!
Pay no attention to that divot in your lower-left corner! It wasn't at all made when I took this picture on the seventh!
Here's the West approach, also partially paved. Lookin' spiffy! (W looking SE)
I took this shot because I liked the concave curvature of the outside of the railing. However, looking at it again, I notice a rail section that hasn't been installed yet in the foreground. (W looking E)
Here's a shot down the stairs on the west approach. I beileve they used the Handyman's Secret Weapon to "safe" the unfinished railing ends. (SW looking down)
Another shot. Looking at these photos in succesion, it kinda reminds me of the MYST computer game series. Particularly URU, which had a lot of construction elements in it. The pathway below is still closed off.
Here's a first shot up at the underside of the bridge. (SW looking NE)
Another shot of the underbelly.
And the anchors at the bottom of the West approach.

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