Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-01 (12 photos!)

I have no idea who that man is. I swear! But he seems to be using his body to hide one of the large piles of gravel by the West approach. (W looking E)
The construction on the West approach is getting its finishing touches. (SW looking SE)
As are the gravel ramps for the approaches... (W looking SW)
That raised, curved concrete is now just curved. (W looking NW)
You'll note that the railings are actually double-railings (although the lower top-bar hasn't been installed yet). This is a clever design feature: the bridge is planned so that pedestrians and tourists will stay by the edges, and cyclists will stay near the centre. However, if cyclists do go to the edges, the lower bar is suposed to keep their handlebars from getting caught in the supports for the railings. We'll see how it turns out. (NW looking E)
Sorry, the fence was getting jealous at the bridge. Since the bridge will be there for decades (centuries?) longer, but the fence only for a couple more weeks, it wanted to get in the photo. (SW looking NE)
I've long been annoyed that the curb cut at the west approach from Somerset is nowhere near flush. Also, the pavement in that area is bumpy from lots of asphalt applications. This cut in the roadway indicates that this will be fixed soon... (West approach, looking south/down)
There was some work being done on the east side of Colonel By drive. I wasn't quite sure what it was... (NE looking SE)
Here is a view of the East staging area. (NE looking SW)
And the top part of the East staging area. (NE looking NW)
The East approach, seen from across Colonel By. And my finger. (E looking SW)
I would have though they'd be fixing the pavers on the underpass at the transitway. Instead it just looks like they were cutting for something. Probably electrical wires. They really didn't provide any way for me to cross this trench, nor did they care when I just walked right over where they were filling it with dirt. (NE looking SE)

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