Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-05 (4 photos at night)

They've removed the fences surrounding the West approach, and just put up two at the edge of the bridgepan!

I actually took ten photos this night, but since I took more photos the day after, I'm only posting four. Here's the concrete between the West end of the bridge and the stairway down to the canalside. (W looking SW)
Here's the same area, but from a bit further up on the bridge. Note how they've used a steam roller to block off access to the stairs! (Bridge facing SW)
Umm.. yeah. Steamroller! (Bridge facing SW)
Here's the railing on the north side of the West end of the bridge. Someone left their gloves here. (W looking E)

These photos added September 6 2006
Copyright 2005-2006 Charles Akben-Marchand


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