Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-21 (12 photos)

The bridge is open!!!! Yay! (W looking E)
Here are some containers of cobblestone (on the left in the above photo). Not to be confused with Kabul Stone, which is Afghanistan's second-biggest export, after opium.
Here's the expansion joint on the west end, and a grate.
Here's a shot of the east staging area from the bridge. Note that they've already torn up the temporary pathway detour that went alongside the parkway.
East approach from the bridge.
Here's a shot of the completed (welded and ground) railing elbow, which was only tacked in this photo.
Here's a shot of the upper bit of the "hairpin" turn on the East approach, as taken from the "elbow".
Another shot demonstrating that the temporary pathway detour has been torn up. (SE looking NE)
Here's the NCC kiosk at the base of the East approach, across from the Campus bus station. I just noticed that they have maps of the pathway network available that people can take with them at the bottom of the display.
Here's some guys installing the cobblestone. There are some other segments of cobblestone further South along the parkway and canal.
A bit later in the day, I spotted the ubiquitous local news truck on the "elbow" of the East approach. It's quite spacious! They were doing something for the kidney foundation, I think.
Here's a shot at night. Sorry, my camera doesn't like doing night shots. You can see in this shot that the wider railings have a strip of white light under them, which illuminate the road/walkway. The bridge is also illuminated from below, although I haven't looked close enough to see exactlyhow. It's a nice purple/lilac colour. (SE looking NW)

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