Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-09-24 (9 photos)

I was going to post one of my photos of the completed bridge to the Wikipedia entry on the bridge, but found that I didn't have any good shots that said in one photo, "this is the bridge." So I took some today that I hope will qualify. (SW looking NE)
This is just a beautiful shot. It has nice clear lines, and very little construction junk remianing. Unfortunately, it's the underside of the bridge, which isn't the best shot for an encyclopedia entry. (W looking E)
I took a shot canalside from the West side (uh, in the area where technically people aren't supposed to be...). But it's a bit too dark. You can see everything but the bridge in this shot. (SW looking NE)
While I was there, I took a shot of the East approach. (SW looking SE)
Here's a shot looking towards the east. It has both pedestrians and a wheelchair (er, scooter) user. The guy in the scooter couldn't walk because he was too busy smoking. (W looking E)
There are cyclists, too! Here's a shot of the east "elbow", with two cyclists demonstrating how to use it.
And a shot of the switchback, similar to the one from the previous post, but with better lighting and without the A-Channel truck.
Here's a shot from the end of the East approach. (SW looking N)
Here's a better shot partway up the East approach. I think this is the one. Photoshop in some landscaping, maybe, and you're done! (SE looking NW)

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