Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-10-06 (5 photos)

More photos today. Here is a patch job done around one of the bollards on th East approach. Unfortunately, some cyclists didn't grasp it.
They laid down some plywood so that this bulldozer's tracks didn't mess with the pavement. Easier to clean, too.
They painted the intersection alraedy, and installed the stop signs on Queen Elizabeth Drive. That came up faster than I had expected. (The signs coming off the bridge are still temporary).
Note how the curb cut is done properly. Half of it is in the crosswalk (for pedestrians), and half of it is in the roadway (for cyclists). There is one for each direction. I was talking to someone about this who said he had to fight hard for this to be done properly.
Here is another view of the north/west approach, with fresh lines in the foreground.

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