Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-11-03 (12 photos)

...and now all trace of the temporary pathway is gone. The only evidence is on this website!
I realized that I didn't have many photos of the whole bridge, only the pieces as they were built. So being a wonderful day, I took a few. I like this one the most.
Here's a slightly different angle of the landscaping between the East approach and Colonel By Drive.
There were some pylons and caution tape on the steps on the East side. I'm not sure why.
Here they're offloading some more sod, to be installed around the East approach.
And here they're installing it!
Here is the vegetation installed around the East approach. It will be bounded by more grass.
And you can see that they've installed trees on the northwest flower bed.
...and a cute little organized bunch of plants on the southwest flower beds. A truck is intentionally blocking the stairway.
Here's the view North from the West abutment. They've put grass down here, as well.
There's a temporary stop sign for cyclists at this intersection. Across the way, they've filled in the grassy area.
...more grass, on the South side of the west approach.

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