Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-03-31 (3 photos)

I had not planned on taking photos this day, but as I was coming up Colonel By Drive, I saw the bridge from this new angle, so I took a couple of shots. I couldn't decide whether to use this one, which had the car in the way... (S looking N)

Or this one, that didn't have the car, but also didn't have the cyclist. So I posted them both! (S looking N)
I also had two shots from this angle. However, this one won hands down. (SE looking NW)

Copyright 2005-2006 Charles Akben-Marchand


2006-03-30 (2 photos)

I had gotten out later than I wanted to take these shots, and the light was not cooperating very well with where I was standing. My flash reflected off the sign. (SE looking NW)

This one, however, looks pretty cool. I should take a few more like this at dusk when there's more of a bridge there. (SE looking N)

Copyright 2005-2006 Charles Akben-Marchand


2006-03-29 (2 photos)

It looks like they're finished realigning the intersection here. But don't look at that. Note the straight-on view of the yellow things. I'm still not sure what they are for... (W looking E)
I can only assume it's a temporary structure that they're going to lay the main beams on, then take them off later. The crane is a "Dulepka" crane. I have no idea what that means. (SW looking E)

Copyright 2005-2006 Charles Akben-Marchand


2006-03-28 (4 photos)

Hey wait! I thought the cranes were gone? (NE looking S)

Oh, I see, they're using the cranes to put those Lego Technic things in place... (NE looking SW)

View of the staging area on the East side. That black thing is a 20' container. (NE looking W)

Although I was focusing on the yellow bits when I took this photo, you can see the incline pointing to Parliament Hill. Visibility of Parliament Hill was an important design elements in the public consultations. (SE looking NW)

Copyright 2005-2006 Charles Akben-Marchand


2005-03-24 (8 photos)

After I recharged my batteries overnight, I took some photos of the recent progress from the West bank. (SW looking NE)

Here's the bridge from a slightly different angle. A professional photographer would claim that he "framed" the shot with trees...like it was intentional or something (SW looking NE)

Here's the East approach from the West side. The photos don't look like they have any logical order. They are sort of in the order that I took them, but I took shots of the same place from different positions. I also rearranged them a bit on here to try to compensate... (W looking SE)

The rest of the East approach. The east bank of the canal is far lower than Somerset Street on the west side. Despite this, the bridge has to be built high enough for boats to clear it. (W looking E)

See what I mean? It's as though we just saw this photo! Trust me, there's more from this batch! I stepped a bit further down the snow-covered bank to grab this shot, which shows a tiny bit more of the span than the ones above. (SW looking NE)

Not much to see here, really. (SW looking N)
Aw, it looks like a rainbow. Look at it there, all converging and such. Note that it has only been a day, and the cranes are already gone. (W looking E)

A crooked shot of the new span and the east approach. (W looking E)

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2006-03-23 (6 photos)

Hey! They've got stuff going across the canal now! Aweseome! (Laurier Bridge looking S)

Lookit those fancy cranes! (NE looking S)
A view of the staging area on the East bank (NE looking S)
Ooh! The gate's open! Let's take a look at what's inside! (NE looking SW)

Those yellow things remind me of Lego Technic pieces. I wonder what they'll be used for...
Another view of the substructure. It actually has started to look like a bridge! (SE looking NW)

Copyright 2005-2006 Charles Akben-Marchand