Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-10-24 (6 photos)

Okay, so I'm posting this on January 8, 2007. It's been quite a while, I know. I've seen some doubt as to whether I'd still be posting or taking photos. I have been taking photos, I've just been busy. My camera finally crapped out beyond hope, so I got a new one in December.

Below are some of the flower pots, stacked up after their contents were used. (SE looking NE)

Here is a shot of some of the plants as-installed at the bottom of the East approach.

They've torn up the temporary pathway and have started adding more plants here.

 And some more newly-installed vegetation at the top of the East approach.

Here's the view of the north-west flower bed from the East end of the bridge.

Here is the staging for some trees and bushes.

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2006-10-18 (1 photo) - plant theft!

A couple of the plants were stolen from this bed (and perhaps from others...) I wonder if the thief used one of the many flower pots which was stacked closeby...

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2006-10-16 (8 photos)

Look on the right, under the railings. There are six pylons which kept me from riding down the ramp. I was really offended by having to carry my bike down the stairs. The offense is primarily because I'm a Canadian (and thus am obligated to take offense), and secondarily because I'm a North American (and thus lazy).
This photo, despite the lens cover not opening properly better conveyed the reddish bushes which were installed.
This guy was operating a roto-tiller type device. On my way back from class, the pylons had been removed.
See that guy, right in the centre of the photo? That, I suspect, was Remi Roy, in preparation for his article in the Ottawa Sun (admittedly, a pretty decent article). I had seen him earlier on my way to class, in which I took the first photo above.
Some pylons, it seems, were relocated to the Canal. Oh, drunken students, what will you do next!
They finished the cobblestone on the centre part of the intersection at Somerset and Queen Elizabeth Drive on the Western Parkway...
...but haven't yet finished the one on the south end of this intersection...
...nor the one on the North end.

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2006-10-13 (4 photos)

They're adding more bushes. These haven't been planted yet.
A view of the south side of the East approach, from the East approach.
Here are some pots from some of the bushes...
...which were planted here, on the West approach!

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2006-10-10 (5 photos)

I'm posting this two weeks after these photos were taken, so I don't quite remember the context. I do remember that this billboard has some graffiti on it.
They've done some progress on the landscaping front. There's a line of trees getting ready to be planted. (SE looking N)
Here's a view of the battlefield escarpment north of the East approach. Quite the operation going on there!
Here's a view of the East approach, the trees on the west of it, and (in the centre of the photo) the northwest bank with the new soil.
Some people have voted with their feet, and decided that they should have built a staircase on both sides of the West approach!

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2006-10-06 (5 photos)

More photos today. Here is a patch job done around one of the bollards on th East approach. Unfortunately, some cyclists didn't grasp it.
They laid down some plywood so that this bulldozer's tracks didn't mess with the pavement. Easier to clean, too.
They painted the intersection alraedy, and installed the stop signs on Queen Elizabeth Drive. That came up faster than I had expected. (The signs coming off the bridge are still temporary).
Note how the curb cut is done properly. Half of it is in the crosswalk (for pedestrians), and half of it is in the roadway (for cyclists). There is one for each direction. I was talking to someone about this who said he had to fight hard for this to be done properly.
Here is another view of the north/west approach, with fresh lines in the foreground.

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2006-10-05 (6 photos)

They resurfaced the intersection at Somerset. It looks nice.
They're landscaping the West bank. Note also the paved connection.
Here's the other paved connection. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be dumping people into the crosswalk when it is installed (they will be putting up stop signs). Although not so much a problem in this instance, many times the paths dump people onto crosswalks and sidewalks. Riding a bike on either is illegal.
Here's a shot of them filling in the West bank. It looks like a landslide. I guess it is one...
My battery was running low, but I wanted to get a shot of the spray paint (presumably) outlining the edge of where grass will be installed laid down.
There's the digger. Spreading dirt. Admit it, you did it too when you were a kid.

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2006-10-03 (12 photos)

WTF? They painted a line on the bridge! Not cool! >:(
Fine, I'll bite. Where does it go?
Around the corner, past the workers. I kid you not, their discussion pertained to the mortar.
Okay, so the line leads me onto the bridge... and? and?
Oh, it just dumps me onto Somerset street. It's all torn up, too.
Here's the other part of the intersection.
I think that the bridge looked much more beautiful without the line. It was like a place you could go to get away from traffic. Now it looks institutional.
Here are the bollards that they were installing the other day.
They're also installing (installing?) some trees.
Here's another machine at work. That hard gravel looks like a real fun spot to be a tree.
Here are some holes for more trees...
I think they might be planting a Snapple tree in this hole...

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2006-10-02 (2 photos)

I needed to relax, so I went to the bridge. I decided to take a few photos. This one looks really nice...
But this one is beautiful! There are two people sitting on the railing at the centre of the bridge, and the moon is very bright. Not bad for a camera that is literally falling apart! I think I'll make postcards of this shot...

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