Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-05-27 (5 Photos)

Okay, so I'm posting many of these photos (except for June 6 to 15) on September 2, 2006. Needless to say, I can't remember everything I had been thinking when I took the photos.

This is the only photo I took today from the East approach. (SE looking N)

Here is the frame mold for the staircase next to the West approach. (SW looking SE)

Here is the deck. Not much difference from the last photo, except the metal pieces have been rearranged slightly. Incidentally, if you look at the filename for the photos, today's are incorrectly labelled.

Here is the curvy mold for the wall on the north side of the West approach. (NW looking S)
View of the bridge from the northwest. Very graceful. (NW looking SE)

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2006-05-10 (4 photos)

Can you see it? (SW looking NE)
It's a crane! It's dropping in another one of those yellow temporary frames. (SE looking W)
Here is a view of a new concrete form on the North part of the West approach. (SW looking NW)
And a closer view through the trees of the East side of the bridge. It's too bad when they were doing the Environmental Assessment that they didn't consider the harmful effect of trees on trying to get a decent photo! (SW looking E)
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2006-05-05 (5 photos)

Aha, you see? I told you they would be building a staircase there! (SE looking W)

These two folks think that they can walk straight up to parliament hill... (SE looking N)
By the looks of it, they aren't doing a bad job of it, either. (SE looking N)
I'm assuming this is the form for one of the walls on the East approach. That, and a red wheelbarrow. (E side)
More forms with Ten Driveway in the background. (E looking W)

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