Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge Photos


2006-04-28 (4 photos)

Ah, a quick rush-hour inspection. First, the East approach. Note the quantity and type of gravel. Your pretty standard stuff at this point. (SE looking NE)

Next, the West approach. They will soon be building a staircase between that orange fence and the bridge, just as they did on the East side. (SE looking W)

The construction of one of the walls of the East approach on the left, and a completed one on the right (complete with masonry). (E looking slightly less E)

The masons' scaffolding is still up on one section of the wall. (E again)

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2006-04-26 (3 photos)

Here's a view of the East approach, and the new frame for the stairway. Note in the background 120 University Private (right behind the three guys), and Thomson residence (which also houses the Criminology department). I forget if I already introduced that residence, but in case I didn't, it's apparently the "dry" residence. (SW looking E)
A wider view of the East approach and embankment. (SW looking SE)
I took two photos of this shot. On the second one, I had the idea of framing it so the sign reads "ANGER". I'm posting it, even though the other one was slightly clearer. So long as nobody Respasses, I'll be fine. (W looking NE)

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2006-04-21 (6 photos)

Even though I hadn't been posting them, I've still been taking pictures. All photos from April 21 to June 7 were posted on June 10, 2006.

A friend of mine had shown me his construction photos. He's a real photographer, whereas I won't even claim amateur status. I tried to do an artistic effect by having the arc of the bridge mimic the round light. I think I'll stick to creative writing. (S looking N)

The west approach of the bridge... (SE looking W)

The middle of the bridge... (SE looking N)

And the east approach... (SE looking NE)

Pulled back a bit, with some stuff in the foreground. That building in the back is the DND (Department of National Defence) headquarters. After 9/11, they decided to close the access road that goes under it; however, cyclists are still allowed to pass (if they're willing to climb over the curbs). (S looking N)

A view of the East approach from the canal pathway. Note how the sign erroneously calls it "Ottawa University". That is actually the name of a bible college in Kentucky. (SE looking NE)

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2006-04-19 (9 photos)

I hadn't taken photos in a few days, so I decided to take some today. Here's a photo of the big picture; not much difference to be seen. (N looking S)

Here's a shot of the west bank. They've laid a couple more steel girders over the temporary supports, but nothign significant. (NE looking SW)

Here's a shot of the Gaza strip--I mean east bank. If you compare it to earlier shots of the same spot, I think you'll notice that only the sky has changed. (NE looking S)

A view of the east staging area from the east bank. They've got some stuff going on atop the bridge platform. (NE looking SE)

A view of the bridge through the fence on the northeast staging area. I'm not sure what those metal things are at the bottom, but since there are so few of them, I'd presume they aren't all that important. (NE looking SW)

Here's a shot looking through the fence. I think I was paying more attention to the fence than anything beyond it, but this is because I've taken most of the pictures by sticking my camera through or over the fence, so I thought I'd throw this in to remind everyone that it is a closed-off zone. (NE looking SE)

We wouldn't have seen this from the west side: they're building up the wall on the east side of the east bridge approach. I wasn't aware there was going to be masonry going on; quite fancé. (NE looking S)

A closer shot at the masons. Given the price of the bridge, I'm guessing they aren't free. (E looking W)

The truck and trailer for Keystone Masonry, the subcontractor that is presumably building the aforementioned wall. (SE looking SW)

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2006-04-13 (3 photos)

It seems that they are doing most of their activity on the banks, and not much across the canal. For example, they have begun building the forms for the staircase on the east approach. (SW looking E)

Not too much appears to be happening on the west side, either. Not even a staircase frame. I suspect that there won't be anything happening on the span over the canal during the canal's operating season. (SW looking N)

Another shot of the bridge and the east approach, mostly obfuscated by the trees. The lack of activity has meant I have been taking fewer photos, and taking longer to post them. (SW looking NE)

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2006-04-10 (4 photos)

Although I never really notice much difference, I keep taking photos every few days, always from a different angle than the last time. The hope is that when I bring home the photos and compare them, I can see the differences. The reality is that I don't have time to do this. (W looking NE)

That building on the East side is one of the University of Ottawa's most recent buildings. It was completed just a year or two ago, despite its '60s-era stylings. (W looking E)

One of the reasons I took this photo was I noticed that the gates were wide open. Of course, the building is far more interesting. It a part of the Biosciences complex, and has restricted access. There is a greenhouse on the top of the building that you can just barely make out through the tree. (W looking E)

I spotted a backhoe carrying snow from behind the East approach. At least it was a nice day! (W looking NE)

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2006-04-06 (5 photos)

I found out what these two buildings are. The closer one (on the right) is 20 the Driveway, and the further one (centre) is 40 the Driveway. The one in the centre also has a fancy name, though I forget offhand what it was called. (NE looking SW)
View of the East staging area. To capture this and many other photos, I stuck my camera through the fence. (NE looking SE)
There wasn't much activity on this day... (NE looking S)
Not much at all... (NE looking SW)
Here's a photo of the West approach viewed from the east side. It's not very interesting, but then that's probably why I didn't take any photos of it before. (NE looking W)

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2004-04-02 (7 photos)

There's honestly not too much in this photo that's changed since the last few batches, other than more yellow things in the middle section. (SW looking NE)

Close(r) up of the centre of the bridge. That building in the middle of the background is 50 Laurier, a recently-build upscale condo building. Despite it being across the street from the university, I doubt that many students live there. However, there's a sumbarine shop of a particularly prevalent chain on the ground floor (accessible from the outside). (SW looking NE)

You can't see much of the bridge in this shot, especially with the pile of snow and/or dirt in the foreground. However, in the background, you can see Parliament Hill, and to its left (though much closer), Lisgar Collegiate Institute, where I went for High School. It looks like a castle. (SW looking N)

Hey, what's that? There's some metal bits going along the yellow things! Looks like they're starting to lay the beginnings of the crossing. That log sticking out of the pile of dirt? I don't know what that's there for. (SW looking NE)

A slightly different view. If you look over the plans laid out by the technical advisory committee, you'll see that they tried their best to keep the trees. I, however, have tried my best to get them out of my shots. (SW looking NE)
Another shot. The white tower in the background is the Unviersity of Ottawa's fourth tower residence building. There are also a number of low-rise residences. But since they're low-rise, you won't be seeing them from the bridge! (SW looking NE)
I noticed that I hadn't taken any photos of the NE staging area from this angle. So I did! Being a Sunday, there wasn't much going on. (W looking NE)

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